4 of the Best Free Things to Do in Melbourne

melbourne city australia
If you’re holidaying in Melbourne but don’t want to spend a fortune, there are plenty of activities and things to see that won’t have you opening your wallet. While we can’t list everything, we’ve rounded up 4 of our most recommended things to do for free in Melbourne.  We sent a family from Ipswich in Queensland to check the place out.

Ride the City Circle Tram
If trudging around the city isn’t your thing, sit back and relax on the free City Circle Tram. It goes on a loop through the city, with commentary playing about the sights you’re seeing. The tram even goes down to the Docklands – it really is a great way to see the city centre without having to walk, so it’s perfect for those who can’t handle walking long distances.

Tour the street art
You can follow walking tour maps around Melbourne’s streets to view the amazing art that adorns the laneways, or wander around yourself and get lost amongst the colourful works. There’s pieces from both local well-known artists and visiting contributors as well.

Visit Melbourne’s churches
St Paul’s Cathedral, the Scots Church and St Michael’s Uniting Church are all amazing examples of architecture and history. Even if you’re not religious, these churches are definitely impressive.

Visit the Shrine of Remembrance
This shrine was finished in 1934, and is a beautiful dedication to those who passed away in WWI. There are exhibitions full of history and they really show the sacrifices that those men and women made during the war. Going up the steps of the shrine gives you views of the city, and it’s where ceremonies like those for ANZAC day are held.

Whether you enjoy history, architecture, art, or just sightseeing in general, Melbourne has many free activities and sites for you to see. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a fun and informative time in the city, thanks to all that’s on offer.

Iconic Landmarks and Landscapes To Visit In Bali Provice

Bali has some of the most iconic landmarks and landscapes you can find in the world. It is a truly magical island with a lot of historical sites, natural beauty, and innumerable temples. If you are visiting the island anytime soon, here are some spots you should not miss:

Uluwatu Temple

The Uluwatu temple is one of the magnificent sea temples in Bali, located on a tall cliff on the southwestern part of Bukit peninsula. The picturesque view is perfect for picture taking during the day from over the temple’s walls and cliff boarders. See the dramatic sunsets for an exotic backdrop.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is known for its beautiful offshore setting and sunset backdrops. It is an iconic location during the day especially during sunset when the sun creates a picturesque surrounding.

Ubud Art Market

Discover this shopping haven in Central Bali. Explore the area to find good bargains. The market has hundreds of small shops who a variety of items such as silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, hats, kites, baskets, and a range of handcrafted goods that are popular in the area. In Julia Roberts’ movie “Eat Pray Love” there was a scene where she was seen strolling through the stalls.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Ubud

The Tegalalang rice terraces in Ubud is one of Bali’s most popular attractions. Aside from enjoying the view up from the rice terraces, you can also make friends with the local farmers and go down the trail through the rice fields and greet the farmers and enjoy the paddies at the same time.

Countries To Consider On Your Next Travel Plan

travel planThinking of going around the world? Here are some countries you should think about on your next travelling plan:

The Taj Mahal

Your bucket list of countries you want to visit won’t be completed if you don’t visit the Taj Mahal. This beautiful place was made in the 17th century by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. Located in Agra, India, this grand mausoleum took over 20 years to be created and is considered a world heritage site as one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture around the world. The Taj Mahal is a symbol of India and is created around Persian, Indian and Islamic influences.

Lake Louise, Banff

Lake Louise is found in Banff National Park, Canada where the best hiking trails, ski resorts and lakes are found. However, nothing can beat Lake Louse as this is considered ‘The Diamond in the Wilderness.’ The lake is surrounded by waterfalls and glaciers so make sure you have a good camera with you as you also take advantage of this glorious location.

The Grand Canyon

This beautiful but rugged location does not just offer beautiful sunsets but the natural formation of red rock is just as beautiful in almost every direction you look at it. There is plenty to do while at the park such as camping, hiking, water rafting at the Colorado River and even searching for rare wildlife.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting cultures most love learning about. And what proof could you better study ancient Egypt with than just by visiting the Great Pyramid of Giza? It is the oldest and most preserved of the seven Ancient Wonders of the World and a great symbol and Egyptian architecture. Just being in the presence of such a symbol is truly inspiring.

Solo Travel Destinations – Countries Solo Travellers Should Not Miss

solo traveller ipswichWhy should you go travelling by yourself when you can get someone to tag along? Well, most solo travellers also seek companionship this is why they travel solo. They want to look for people who can also see the world as they see it.

However, the thrill of escaping the real world and doing it on your own gives you a different feeling of uncertainty while knowing that you can do it and accomplish such task. The trill of solo travelling will also allow you to meet other people which mostly be the locals and make friends with them which makes for a very good adventure.

Here are some countries that you should not miss:


Do you want to go to clubs at night? Or do you love beer? Germany is the perfect destination for solo travellers especially during the summer as they can also meet their fellow backpackers. During the summer, Berlin becomes a big beer garden mixed with travellers and locals enjoying their love for the cold stuff. Aside from the beer and nightclubs, the country is also famous for its street art, festivals and post.


Visit the culture, style and fashion when you go to France. Paris is the city for the hopeless romantic, art enthusiasts and aspiring poets. Year after year a growing number of solo travellers are visiting the country to experience falling in love with Paris, the beaches in the South of France and the great French countryside.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has one of the friendliest people in the world and will for sure welcome you as you travel their country by yourself. This country is the home of the most beautiful tulip fields you will find in the world, the winding canals, and legalized marijuana.

Travel Tips To Help You Get Through Long Flights

travel tips collingwood parkThere are direct flights half way around the world. If you’re in for an extremely long travel time in your upcoming trip, here are some travel tips to help you get through a long flight and maybe even enjoy it.

Rest before you go

Getting a good rest before you take take off can improve your travel experience. It would be even better that you adjust your watch to the local time at your destination the night before your flight. This will help your body get adjusted.

Upgrade your seat

Though getting a business class can be quite expensive, you may want to go for premium economy which you can upgrade to using cash or frequent flyer miles. You may also go to the gate agent and ask if there are any extra seats in the emergency row.

Get comfortable on board

Before you put your backpack in the overhead compartment, not under your seat, take the things that you might need during the flight. Things like your headphones or a book can keep you occupied while you are on your way to your destination. Don’t forget to have your water bottle ready in case you need a drink. Also, it would be more comfortable if will take your shoes off because cabin pressure can affect your circulation.

Dress warm

Airplanes can get really cold, especially if your seated next to the window. Dress warm and wear layers. Jackets, scarves and wool socks can be helpful. You may want to avoid wearing skinny jeans as this may make feel uncomfortable during the long flight.

Pack smart

Little things can make a big difference. For a comfortable sleep during the flight, eye shades, U-shape pillow and ear plugs can come in handy and they are easy to pack. If you have tablet with you, make sure you have it full charged and download any videos, podcasts or e-books you want before you take off.

Pass the time

Nowadays, most airlines provide free entertainment for passengers. But sometimes you will have to pay for them. On a long journey that might be worth paying for. You may also spend the time for a nice distraction-free reading. There are some magazines they put in the seat back pocket.

Eat right during a flight.

Long flights usually have in-flight meals. If possible, choose carb-rich foods as they are good source of insulin and help you adjust to jet lag. Bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated. Also, it would good to avoid caffeine and alcohol. However, if you do imbibe, there are carry on  cocktail kits available to help you mix up a cocktail during your flight.

Move around

Flying is not natural and may affect your circulation, which may lead to uncomfortable leg conditions. You can avoid this by taking a lap around the airplane or doing some simple exercises.

Things To Consider When You Travel With Your Pet

travel with pet ipswichIf you are going to bring your pets with you when you travel abroad, what are the things that you should prepare for? Well, you have to manage the paperwork for your pets and prepare them for the long journey.

Preparing both the paperwork and your pets are essential to a successful travel. Make sure that the paperwork is all sorted and the crates ready months before you travel with your pet. You might even want to test your pets by placing them in the crate, place the crate in the car and drive them around so they will not panic when it is time to place them inside the plane.

IATA Verified for Cages

Make sure that the crates you will buy are just the right sizes and that they are IATA verified. Many airlines do not allow crates that are not IATA verified so make sure you purchase the right one. As for the size, make sure that you provide your pet with just enough space so they won’t feel really confined. Make sure to check requirements from the airlines so that you will not also go over the weight and size requirements.

Other Essentials Needed for Pets

Pee pads. Some airlines allow you to place pee pads on your pets, but some airlines will not allow this as they say that this could get pets nervous and eat them which could cause injury or death.

Water bottles and bowl. Choose a crate that has a water bottle on it, or you can buy one that will suit your pet better. Do not forget their food bowl and supply them with food while on the crate.

Harness. While you are going to place your pets inside the crate, they still have to go through security, so make sure to provide them with the proper harness so that they won’t run away while at the airport.

Tips For Planning A Budget Trip To Australia

travel tip ipswichIf you are interested in travelling to Australia but on a tight budget, this post is right for you. You really have to plan your trip if ever you want to go there because your dream of scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or watching the sunset at Uluru sunset may not do well with you if you are on a tight budget.

Think about How Big the Country is

Australis a very big country with a small population and most travellers regret not planning enough because they did not think of the country’s landscape. Just imagine, we are the sixth biggest country in the world, so you need to consider what part of Australia you want to visit and when the best time to do it.

Concentrate on One or Two Regions

If you only have one week to stay in the country, concentrate on one or two regions to visit. You do not want to go from Sydney to Perth then go to Cairns since that will definitely wipe out your bank card.

If you have three weeks of planning or even a month, you will have more flexibility and for sure more budget to create a better strategy on how to see the country.

Getting around the Country

Air travel is getting cheaper and competitive since you can get flights using Tiger Airways, Virgin, Jetstar, and Rex Airline.

Driving around the Country

Fuel is a bit expensive in the country, but it will still vary from state to state. If you are driving around the country and you are with friends, fill up the tank and split the costs.