Tips For Planning A Budget Trip To Australia

travel tip ipswichIf you are interested in travelling to Australia but on a tight budget, this post is right for you. You really have to plan your trip if ever you want to go there because your dream of scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or watching the sunset at Uluru sunset may not do well with you if you are on a tight budget.

Think about How Big the Country is

Australis a very big country with a small population and most travellers regret not planning enough because they did not think of the country’s landscape. Just imagine, we are the sixth biggest country in the world, so you need to consider what part of Australia you want to visit and when the best time to do it.

Concentrate on One or Two Regions

If you only have one week to stay in the country, concentrate on one or two regions to visit. You do not want to go from Sydney to Perth then go to Cairns since that will definitely wipe out your bank card.

If you have three weeks of planning or even a month, you will have more flexibility and for sure more budget to create a better strategy on how to see the country.

Getting around the Country

Air travel is getting cheaper and competitive since you can get flights using Tiger Airways, Virgin, Jetstar, and Rex Airline.

Driving around the Country

Fuel is a bit expensive in the country, but it will still vary from state to state. If you are driving around the country and you are with friends, fill up the tank and split the costs.