Things To Consider When You Travel With Your Pet

travel with pet ipswichIf you are going to bring your pets with you when you travel abroad, what are the things that you should prepare for? Well, you have to manage the paperwork for your pets and prepare them for the long journey.

Preparing both the paperwork and your pets are essential to a successful travel. Make sure that the paperwork is all sorted and the crates ready months before you travel with your pet. You might even want to test your pets by placing them in the crate, place the crate in the car and drive them around so they will not panic when it is time to place them inside the plane.

IATA Verified for Cages

Make sure that the crates you will buy are just the right sizes and that they are IATA verified. Many airlines do not allow crates that are not IATA verified so make sure you purchase the right one. As for the size, make sure that you provide your pet with just enough space so they won’t feel really confined. Make sure to check requirements from the airlines so that you will not also go over the weight and size requirements.

Other Essentials Needed for Pets

Pee pads. Some airlines allow you to place pee pads on your pets, but some airlines will not allow this as they say that this could get pets nervous and eat them which could cause injury or death.

Water bottles and bowl. Choose a crate that has a water bottle on it, or you can buy one that will suit your pet better. Do not forget their food bowl and supply them with food while on the crate.

Harness. While you are going to place your pets inside the crate, they still have to go through security, so make sure to provide them with the proper harness so that they won’t run away while at the airport.